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The SST Skill Development Package is a practical solution for all ages, from Rookies to Pros, including on & off-ice drills that train puck handling, skating, shooting and deception. Each drill includes specific skill acquisition that translates into gameplay.


The Package includes the following:


  • Twelve SST FAST MAG Pro UNITS (24 cones and 12 sticks)
  • 135 ON & OFF-ICE DRILLS (Rookie and Pro series)
  • Two (2) eight-week OFF-ICE STICK HANDLING MODULES (Rookie and Pro series)
  • Four SPIDERs
  • One-month complimentary subscription to the AIMABILITY PERFORMANCE & HEALTH TRAINING UNIVERSITY


Drill details:


  • Receive 135 drills using 1, 2 or 3 SST Units
  • Create up to 6 on-ice stations 
  • Forward and defensemen-specific drill setups 
  • Edge control
  • Punch turns 
  • Fake punch turns
  • Outside mohawk fakes<