On & Off Ice Drill Package
  • 128 ON & OFF ICE DRILLS (Rookie and Pro series)
  • Two (2) eight-week OFF ICE STICK HANDLING MODULES (Rookie and Pro series with 118 drills)
  • SST Fast Mag System Units not included


Create limitless on-ice stations with various forward and defensemen-specific drill setups. SST drills are designed to improve edge control, glide turns, punch turns, fake punch turns, outside mohawk fakes, inside mohawk fakes, transitional skating, passing, deceptive shot release, and puck handling.


The off-ice stickhandling modules are designed in weekly progressions. Start with the 8-week rookie series and graduate to the 8-week pro series. The modules are designed to improve your stick and body control for puck-handling and shooting. Use a wooden stickhandling ball, road hockey ball or off-ice puck to improve toe-drags, heel pulls, cross-body extension, short dribble, snap dribble, side dribble, foot-deception and deceptive shot releases. Each off-ice drill is designed to translate directly to on-ice and game-like situations.


After purchase, you will receive an email with instructions to download the drills. Please allow up to one business day. 

On & Off Ice Drill Package