Off Ice Stickhandling Modules (Rookie and Pro Series)
  • Two (2) eight-week OFF ICE STICK HANDLING MODULES (118 Drills)
  • SST Fast Mag System Units not included


The off-ice stickhandling modules are designed in weekly progressions. Start with the 8-week rookie series and graduate to the 8-week pro series. The modules are designed to improve your stick and body control for puck-handling and shooting. Use a wooden stickhandling ball, road hockey ball or off-ice puck to improve toe-drags, heel pulls, cross-body extension, short dribble, snap dribble, side dribble, foot-deception and deceptive shot releases. Each off-ice drill is designed to translate directly to on-ice and game-like situations.


After purchase, you will receive an email with instructions to download the drills. Please allow up to one business day. 

Off Ice Stickhandling Modules (Rookie and Pro Series)