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Product Details:


  • Two (2) eight-week OFF ICE STICK HANDLING MODULES (118 Drills)
  • SST Fast Mag System Units or Home Version not included
  • Weekly progressions
  • One new drill each day
  • Start with the 8-week rookie series and graduate to the 8-week pro
  • Use a wooden stickhandling ball, road hockey ball or off-ice puck


Designed to improve: 


  • Stick and body control for puck-handling and shooting
  • Toe-drags
  • Backhand heel pulls
  • Cross-body extension
  • Short dribble
  • Snap dribble
  • Side dribble
  • Foot-deception
  • Deceptive shot releases 
  • Each off-ice drill is designed to translate directly to on-ice and game-like situations.


After purchase, you will receive an email with instructions to download the drills. Please allow up to one business day. 

Off-ice Stickhandling Modules (ROOKIE AND PRO SERIES)

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