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The SST Home Version is quick and easy to set up, clean up and store.


Home Version Unit Details:


  • Proudly designed and manufactured in Canada
  • Three Units
  • 54 inches in length
  • It doesn't include the FAST MAG SYSTEM
  • Units are one-piece
  • Cones are made from durable plastic material
  • Vintage wood hockey shafts


Off-ice Stickhandling Module Videos:


  • Choose one of four suggested age categories
    • Drills can be challenging for all ages
  • Four practice modules consisting of 5-7 drills
  • Each module is suggested to be trained for six weeks
  • Each module is suggested to be trained 2 - 3 sessions per week
  • The training session duration of each module is between 15 - 20 minutes
  • Game-like techniques that apply directly to essential on-ice puck handling and deception. 


Once purchased, you will receive an email from our content management partner, Aimability, with instructions on logging in and viewing the videos.


Wooden stickhandling ball:


A classic wooden stickhandling ball to improve hand speed and master technique off the ice. Suitable for all surfaces, including pavement and carpet. Ultra-durable if you need to rip a shot after blazing through one of the SST stickhandling drills.


 Please get in touch with us for international orders.

Home Version Bundle - Three Units + Stickhandling modules + Wooden Ball

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